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Educational Access & Career-Readiness Support

The foundation of Keeping My Promise is built on three pillars: exposure, knowledge, and development. Through these three pillars, Keeping My Promise will provide educational access, support, and career readiness to program participants.


Recognizing the heavy financial implications of attending colleges or universities, Keeping My Promise seeks to aid students with exposure to opportunities by connecting current high school students with integral university stakeholders. These specific stakeholders range from admissions staff, financial aid & scholarship staff, and other on-campus support services such as career services, housing and residence life, counseling services, etc.


By streamlining the process of communications between students and university stakeholders, Keeping My Promise aims to increase the self-advocacy capabilities of incoming collegiate students. 

Another integral aspect of Keeping My Promise focuses on career-readiness and professional development. KMP aims to bridge the gap between program participants and future career opportunities. Our programs provide relevant career-readiness workshops dedicated to increasing participants' knowledge of core career-competencies outlined by NACE (National Associations of Colleges & Employers). By developing participants' knowledge of these core areas, participants can strengthen their candidacy profile for future job opportunities or other career-related endeavors. 

Keeping My Promise will conduct routine community events such as admissions presentations, financial aid and literacy seminars, and more. All programming opportunities provided by Keeping My Promise are open to high school and college students as well as other community constituents on an as-needed basis.