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Keeping My Promise (K.M.P.) is an organization that was first conceptualized by Aaron P. Harris in 2009. K.M.P. was formally founded by public establishment in January 2020. Designed to be a pillar in the community, K.M.P was initially conceptualized as a result of a family tragedy suffered by founder Aaron Harris and family. In the early morning hours of October 9, 2009, tragedy struck the Harris family, when Aaron’s elder brother, Alex Harris, was murdered as a result of gun violence in their hometown, Louisville, KY.


In response to his tragic loss, Aaron sought to honor his late brother’s legacy by creating an organization that would serve youth facing similar challenges. K.M.P.’s roots derived from a conversation shared between the brothers, just days prior to Alex’s sudden death. At the time, Aaron was a Junior attending Murray State University and was highly underachieving his potential. He was prioritizing the social aspect of the collegiate experience rather than focusing on the end goals of graduation and beyond. His lack of academic focus hurt his first few semesters at college as he nearly flunked out on multiple occasions.


As Aaron struggled to persist, Alex decided to have a conversation with his brother regarding decisions and consequences. Familiar with the path Aaron was taking, Alex wanted nothing more than to detour Aaron from the same realities he had faced. This was one of their final moments before the tragedy, making it clear what Aaron felt called to do with his life.

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